Indonesia: Bali – Not just an Island full of drunken teenaged Aussies

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My first visit to the Indonesian Island of Bali was with my parents as part of a family holiday.
My parents had never been overseas before my work trip to Timor-Leste. In fact I think my Mum’s passport didn’t arrive in the mail until only a week before they departed Australia. East Timor was a turning point in my life, both personally and professional. I will cover more of that over in the Timor Category as I update more info. You can follow those posts here.

Getting there

Most cities have direct flights from Australia to Denpasar by either Virgin Australia or Qantas / JetStar.  My first trip was actually Canberra to Brisbane, meeting my parents who were living in the Northern NSW regional city of Coffs Harbour in Brisbane.

The next day flying Brisbane (BNE) to Denpasar (DPS)  on Virgin Australia.  It was my parents first decent length flight. Say what you will about low cost carriers, and semi-low cost carriers, but I actually prefer them over the full service.

Why I went

Our first goal was a family holiday. My family is not a family that requires gold plated, 5 star resorts – not least because we can’t afford it.  The accommodation and activities I mention are not 5 star, nor are they backpacker / a few dollars a day type. They are your typical family type places.

As I said in previous posts, my parents had not travelled internationally prior to coming to visit me in East Timor in 2008. Almost a year after the visit to East Timor, my parents had saved enough for a modest holiday to Bali

After planning and bookings were well processed my sister announced she was getting married, also in Bali, during our holiday.

Where we stayed.

The decision was made very early that we didn’t want to stay in downtown Kuta. The sight of drunk and drugged Aussies peeing in the street at 10am is not a sight that is conducive to enjoying another country’s culture and sights.

We stayed at the  Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel just off the main road near Seminyak. In fact since 2009 to today my parents have stayed there every year. They are offered discounts as repeat customers.


Favourite Memories

Middle sister:

Getting married in Bali during my first trip, returning later to take my children to Bali and the zoo.


Favourite place to eat:

Middle sister:

Any restaurant along the beach along with Marlo’s


Hot tip: Over 22? Don’t want to be another ‘aussie drunk in bali? Stay out of Kuta after sundown.


Have you been to Bali? What was your highlight?



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