Fractured Wrist and Rotor head (elbow)

Well….Last Monday night, after finishing work, I was riding home enjoying the  amazing twilight that Canberra has been experiencing lately.

After crossing the Kings Ave Bridge and turning back down towards the lake .. I realised I was coming down the off ramp a little too fast, applying the brakes, the rear wheel started ‘popping’ out, the it suddenly buckled and locked in the rear brake callipers - I was able to ‘lay the bike down’ as they say. However I did land rather heavily on my right wrist. I did miss the concrete and managed to land on the dirt beside the path.

Long story short, a pop up the the hospital (after dropping the bike at the shop for repair of course) - Turns out I have fractured my Scaphoid (one of the small bones on my wrist) and fractured my Rotator Head (ball of forearm bone where it joins the elbow). After spending most of the evening the the most amazing nurse at ED named Christine, I was sent home with a half plaster cast and bandaged up.  I have followed up with the the Ordo Registrar on the phone who can't see me until the 4th of March for review .. Don't they know this weekend is MARDI GRAS!!!