REVIEW: Devotec micro usb charger (with lightning converter)


20140607-181445-65685872.jpg With the ever increasing reliance in the devices we carry with us everyday the chances of them going flat at a critical moment is almost a certainty.

The following scene has happened to me on more than one occasion. After leaving working I swing by the local supermarket to get a few things (as directed by chef, photographer and all round awesomeness Frankie). I think the list said lemon grass and .. Wait was that basil or thyme?.. I'll check my phone only to see the black screen and spinning white wheel indicating my phone has entered a slumber it can not be awoken from without juice.

As I have shown before I have an ever growing family of external batteries . These are great - if you have one with you. Even my smallest - the Goal Zero Guide 10+ (which is only slightly bigger than a deck of cards) I don't have it with me in my pants pocket. But what do I have? My key ring..

Enter the Devotec Industries Fuel Micro charger. A pint sized addition to my keyring that can take my iPhone5 (using the usb micro adapter sold by Apple) from sleepy time to 17% while in airplane mode - more than enough to check my text and read what's needed before I get back to the car or home.


The device offers through charging, allowing it to be connected to your gadget to be charged while it itself is being refilled, through a USB micro in the base.

Coming in at $30 us at time of writing including shipping - it is well worth it in my books. Just remember to keep it charged. Give it a top up every few weeks.