Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305 But with Vanilla Jelly Bean 4.2

Have I made the wrong decision ? I have flirting the idea of moving away from my iPhone5 to an android device. My preference ever since I tried the HTC One X for a month was that it was good but the skin over the top of the Android experience really killed it.

I am the type of person that if I want a product I go online and buy it that night and expect maybe a week shipping at most. The Nexus 4 is exactly what I want. But they are rare and hard to get in Australia. The Google Play Store is error-ing out for the past week, and the only bricks and mortar store selling it is Hardly Normal with a mark up of a few hundred bucks.

So I bit the bullet and purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305. Because I am stuck using a  MacBook Air and on a daily limit of 400mb of internet in my hotel. Add to the fact I know what I want but I don’t know how to root my device nor put a Vanilla ROM on my device ( Vanilla = Andriod Operating System exactly as Google designed. No HTC skin, no Samsung Skin just pure - exact like the Nexus 4).

Thank fully I have found a phone repair shop where one of the guys said he can do it for me.

Fingers crossed.

Until then I will be on my iPhone 5



Major issue is that i9305 - hardly any ROMs available for them yet… SOLD ON EBAY FOLLOWING DAY