#ProjectSailBoat - Solar Battery Box pt1

Linked the broader #ProjectSailBoat thinking and dream, the idea of self reliance is big in my mind.

The ability to sit at a mooring for a weekend or more extended coastal sailing while making your own electricity to power marine radios and lighting or more creature comforts like CD players and AM/FM Radios I find extremely exciting. To me simply, solar is magic.

While exploring this broader idea of self reliance I was also exploring solar, power storage and the use of that stored power.

Below is a short clip I made of the basic system, solar panel, solar controller, battery.

In this specific case, it is a 10watt small panel, that throughout the solar controller (whose role is to stop pumping power from the sun into a battery after it is full) then through a small switch (panel isolation) then into a small spot light battery (9ah, 12v)


[youtube http://youtu.be/LYDxY-1qIiI]