A note for any one who uses @gopro and #iPads

As we are in the testing stage for our upcoming trip to Burma and Malaysia, I was testing our new GoPro3 Black on the weekend. It is planned that after we use our cameras (GoPro included) we would use our iPads as quick offload of photos and videos and then using FTP upload to our wireless HDD. I managed to procure a SanDisk 64GB Micro SDXC, knowing the battery on the GoPro would die long before the card was full.

All fine and well UNTIL I plugged the card into my iPad mini. You get the following errors “Contents Unavailable.  The connected storage media may be damaged” or “Contents not Available.  Cannot read the connected storage media.” which as you can imagine a pain in the bum. But glad to have found it out now.

I do have Micro SDHC and they don’t suffer from the same issues thankfully but they are only 16GB.

Here is some further info: